God is a God of provision.  People, places and things, put in our lives for any number of reasons.  People can help direct us back to Him, places can take our breath away by reminding us of God’s beauty and design and things can just brighten our day, lighten our load and remind us we are only human.  We laugh, we cry, and we over anylize, but at the end of the day, God provides.   

Welcome to: Additionals

Every month has a tradition of some sort for each of us, but I’ll bet we all look forward to October, November and December the most.  These last three months of the year are filled with the biggest and best traditions.   I’d like to share with you some old traditions I grew up with and some new ones I’ve adopted along the way.

The church we attended started a Sunday School class and the curriculum they chose was titled “A Baptist Catechism” (adopted by John Piper).  There are 118 questions accompanied by answers and bible verses.  Let’s disect each of these questions and see if the answer and verses given actually answer the question.